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About Us

and what made us who we are


Rosemary - after a successful career in administration at several Weston businesses and North Somerset Council I now run the business administration for Fosse Studios.

You may see me at your wedding but most likely you will never even know I am there, working away in the background to ensure your wedding photography goes as smoothly as it should.

David - As a child I wondered at the appearance of a picture as it lay in the red lit tray of warm smelly developer.  To a child it is pure magic, and even now I still find photography is magic in what it can provide for my wedding couples, and may that feeling last forever.

I photographed my cousin's wedding as a second photographer at just 14 years old and loved it.  After studying photography at Weston College and being marked with distinctions for every submission I was awarded a Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society entitling me to use my LRPS letters.

I started working professionally and matured my skills at Richmond Studios and I continuously hone and freshen my skills through training with some of the greatest wedding photographers in the UK including Damien Lovegrove and David McDonald.

I feel passionately that itís all too easy these days to have a digital camera and call yourself a wedding photographer without having whatís really needed.  Itís not having a great camera that makes a great photographer Ė what matters is what you do with it, how you use light, how you see opportunities where others may not think they exist, and the rapport and fun you have with your clients.  Needless to say, I have great fun on a wedding day, to catch opportunities that many will miss.  But I am always the professional photographer and remain focused on the job in hand.

The Royal Photographic Society

David and Rosemary Green
Together we are Fosse Studios